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    Updated 06/28/09

    All members are responsible abiding the rules of this forum. Any violation may lead to a warning or being permanently banned from this site. Please be considerate and read thoroughly before participating in the forum.


    1) Do not register a username with goo Hye Sun's or lee Min ho's name as part of it.
    Violation of this will result in the account being deleted without any notice. This includes any username like: 501LeeMinHoLover, or GooHyeSunForever, or I<3LeeminHoalways, etc...

    2) Any usernames with offensive words or profanity will be deleted without notice.

    3) Do not make multiple accounts.
    Any member caught using more than one account will have their duplicate accounts deleted and posting privileges suspended.


    1) No bashing, no pornographic content, and no advertising.
    Breaking these rules in posts, signatures, avatars, or PMs will result in a warning or instant ban by the discretion of the mods and admin. If members are caught advertising other forums, websites (even LMH or GHS websites), products, and soliciting other members this will result in a warning. Do not advertise without the permission of the admin.

    2) Keep spam to a minimum
    Members should make their posts substantial and insightful. Do not quote images, long replies, or write a few words to make up for the 15 character rule. If you excessively spam your account will be suspended for 15-30 days or be banned.

    3) Post in English
    MinSunners United is an international forum for so please post in English or provide English translations to content originally in another language.

    4) Do not take content from another site if not allowed to.
    Before posting stuff from another forum or website please read their rules thoroughly. Do not take anything if it is not allowed. MinSunners United cannot possibly monitor all its members and topics so if the originator of the content contacts us, we will let them contact you.

    5) When taking content from MinSunners United...
    Post in the thread where content will be taken from, credit the username of the original member who posted and MinSunners United MinSun Forum. If the post content specifically says "no redistribution" there is no redistribution allowed whatsoever.

    6) Members are responsible for what they post here.
    * Do not post anything illegal or copyrighted.
    * No HOTLINKING images from other sites. Do not hotlink from our site.
    * Members of our forum may find articles, images, etc to share and discuss with others. They are held responsible for the things they choose to share. Our rule is that they always credit the original source they took the content from. If there is no credit we will simply remove the topic.
    - - * If you're the owner of an article, image, etc and you have an issue with something taken from you, please contact the member to reasonably deal with the issue. Our staff will not interfere.
    * Only MinSunners United staff members are allowed to take content from Quainte Forums. Do not violate this.


    * Do not advertise another website or forum (personal websites like LJ, facebook, or blogs are acceptable).
    * Be reasonable and do not make your signature stretch the forum or be excessively long.
    * Avatars are 100x100 and must be linked from an outside hosting website.
    * Staff members have the right to delete or modify your profile/sig/avatar if you break these rules without any notice.

    Signature size and image restrictions:
    Max Images: 2
    Max Width of Images Combined: 400px
    Max Height of Images Combined: 150px
    Max # of Lines: 2



    Signature Violation Policy:

    1st Violation: No warning... yet.
    *Mods will delete the signature and put "Signature Violation - 1st Warning."
    2nd Violation: Increase 1 Warning on Bar
    * Mods will warn the member. Delete the signature and put "Signature Violation - 2nd Warning"
    3rd Violation: Increase to 2 Warning on Bar
    * Mods will warn the member. Delete the signature and put "Signature Violation - Last Warning!"
    4th Violation: Signature is COMPLETELY disabled to member.
    * Admin will completely disable signature.

    All the rules are subject to change so please visit this thread often for updates. Thanks for reading!

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